f projector replacement lamp


In our 14 years we have seen many lamp vendors come and go and as the market moves away from projector technology towards smartscreens we maintain our commitment to serving schools with the widest range of Genuine projector lamps for schools across Australia. Our level of expertise in AV and IT enables us to recognise critical differences in quality of design and manufacture of the cheaper lamps that are being sold and we can say that a definite risk exists with the high level of usage that schools have to overheat and melt inside the projector and even more serious cause a fire. We supply AV products to schools in Australia that in many cases have been made end of life by the manufacturers and recently purchased all the remaining stock of Epson lamps and filters suitable for the EB-460 E as it is now end of life and Epson will not be ordering any more stock. We offer all schools a 30 day account and our staff are enthusiastic about speaking to schools and answer any questions that they may have. Look to us for the answer to any question relating to Audio Visual as we know technology and as an electronics design and manufacturing company we built 3000 high definition tuners for Fujitsu Plasma TV's here in Australia and we currently manufacture Sharp POS and Copier memory in Australia and supply to Sharp in 12 countries including the USA, UK and Canada. A product that we are happy to support and promote is Apples classroom charging station. The Apple iPad charger is suitable for use in classrooms that have a normal power point....

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