f Interactive classroom smartboard

Get the latest interactive whiteboard technology for your classroom. With features that you have come to expect from Intel and more.
Smart whiteboards, such as the Intel Admiral i5 and Intel Zenith i7 interactive flat panels in both 75 and 86 inch that give teachers access to innovative teaching aids, boosting students’ motivation and encouraging active participation in the classroom.

Key Features

Interactive Flat Panel Displays Until relatively recently, projector-based systems were the only available IWB technology
with some variation in implementation among suppliers. Large-format touchscreen LED displays
introduced in 2012, offered a new alternative with expanded benefits, reduced maintenance
requirements and better overall total cost of ownership (TCO). With this option, the only component
needed for full functionality is the LED display itself, although special pens may also be used.

Administrative benefits of interactive touch screen displays:

An all-in-one solution
Easy installation
Reduced maintenance
No bulbs
No filters or calibration
Greater reliability
Longer lifespan
Lower energy consumption
Wall or cart-mount for resource sharing
Easy to Use
Often no software licensing fees

Teachers who’ve previously used projector-based systems are often the biggest fans. Compared to these older-style systems, the advantages of touch-screen displays include:

Maximized teaching time; no downtime from burned out bulbs or recalibrating Greater reliability for more uninterrupted class time Eliminates shadows and glare Quiet, fan-free operation Crisp, bright display lets teachers keep the lights on Easy cart mounting for resource sharing (without recalibration)

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